Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wild cow hunt

I'll learn one of these days not to go off with these young guys.

A neighbor had a big steer that couldn't be trapped, penned, or otherwise captured the usual easy ways, so we all met up Monday morning and went and got him.
This was one of those outlaws that had quit the herd as soon as he was turned out, lived in the brush, and fences didn't mean much to him. We knew the general area he was in, and had to spread out and beat the bushes till we flushed him out. We followed sound and tracks mostly through some of the worst brush the world has ever seen, until he finally got tired and made a mistake by going out into an open field. I wish I was horseman enough to take pictures, fight brush, and be ready to rope or chase all at once, but I'm not. These are kind of before and after.
Watching the holes, it didn't do any good, he jumped the fence and went off in a canyon

Tied down

A well deserved rest

He made a good stool

Running the ropes through the trailer bars

Untie him

One last try for freedom

Into the trailer

Shut the gates


  1. UGH! Hate when that happens. Sheesh. Rotten little snot. I'm sure that's saying it nice too! :)

  2. There were several dirty words said when we were trying to get him out of the brush!