Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Team sorting
 I'm sure the sport has been around a long time, but I had not heard of it until about a month ago when they had  one in Cross Plains. We all enjoyed it enough that Jessica and Hillary found a weekly practice and jack pot about an hour north of us. I rode with them Saturday, and had a lot of fun.

Jessica and Peanut. She has been "borrowing" my horses for 25 years

Tom, eagerly awaiting his net run


  1. I bet you guys rocked doing it on a daily basis! My sister and niece did it for a while. I just couldn't stomach the big girls with the HUP HUP HUP all the time. And I know its timed, but really do you need to race around like a wild hen! HA! My horse would HATE me if I took him to a team penning! LOL! He does it all the time on the ranch.

  2. It was a lot of fun, kind of a laid back event until the jackpot. Jessica won second! I'm not sure I would like the big shows, I'm afraid they would be like the big team roping's, but I did enjoy this one.