Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weaning calves

We made the rounds through our longhorn and corriente cows and gathered up all the calves that were old enough to wean. We almost never sell our roping cattle, and rarely buy steers to rope. They make cheap cows that will survive anywhere. With an angus bull we get some ok calves. The heifers will go to a cutting horse trainer, who takes good care of them while he is using them, and the steers will be turned out until they are around 800 pounds, then sold.

In the tub


Bulls, we will try to sell these for heifer bulls this spring


Heifers that just came out of the roping pen


  1. Look at all that green grass! Kinda nice having the pastures green in September.

  2. Yep, its been an unusual year. Droughted out until the end of August, then a rain every week or so.