Saturday, September 7, 2013

Costa Rica

We lucked into a trip to Costa Rica. Kyle, Joe, Seth and I took a little agriculture tour of the north end of the country this week, arriving back home Friday evening.A beautiful place. We stayed on a dairy in the mountains between two volcanoes.
From the balcony of my cabin

One of the volcanoes

We road nearly to the top of the other.

Kyle, "getting to know" his horse

You can't understand how much grass is in these mountains unless you have been there and ridden through it. It was quite a sight for some one that has lived through four years of drought in an already semi arid environment.
Bahia, Dallis, Switch, and Star grasses where the most common

I will show and tell more in the next few days. We covered a lot of ground, and visited with lots of good cattlemen. We never met an unfriendly person.

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  1. How cool to see how other people and countries ranch and farm. Looking forward to more pics.