Thursday, June 12, 2014

The great bull catching of aught 14

We keep a few corriente bulls around to put with our heifers, and boy, are most of them a pain in the ass. They do real well as long as there are plenty of cows, but when they are finished at home, they like to roam. This one left home 2 weeks ago and we tracked him around the south part of the county with one or two of us trying to pen him when we would find him. Nothing worked, fences don't mean anything to him and he is a master at hiding out in the brush. I might also mentioned that the neighbors don't like these bulls hanging out in their good cattle for obvious reasons. For the neighbor reason, we called in the cavalry this morning and went and got him.
 He was tough to get out of the brush, and when he left it, it was to jump a fence.  We got lucky on gates being close, and he finally made the mistake of breaking out in an open pasture where he was promptly trapped in a nylon corral.
 I think this one will go to the sale barn before the town folk are carrying pitch forks and torches on the road to my house.

Thanks to Clay for sharing a few pictures, and getting the first loop on him.

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