Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cows get in the darndest places

I moved a set of cows to another pasture the other evening, and noticed one laying down. My first thought was that it was one of my late calvers, or a heifer I had bought recently and didn't know was bred. After closing some gates, I went back and found her and discovered she had somehow tangled her self up in some cable. Most of it was around her horns and neck, but some how she had thrown a half hitch around a back leg so that the more she moved, the tighter the cable got around her neck. She was in bad shape. I called Kyle and told him where I was (remembering that my wife and chiropractor had both recently told me that I was getting a little long in the tooth for this foolishness alone), and he caught a horse. She proved quite a handful catch. We tied her down and started cutting cable and digging it out of the cuts, which were at least two inches deep all the way around her her neck, just below her head. We gave her 60cc's of la 200 to help the cause and turned her loose. This cable came off someones deer stand. It still had the "s" hooks and turn buckle on it and looked brand new. She could have gotten out and then gotten back in, or someone could have thrown it over the fence, who knows.

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