Thursday, August 29, 2013

A good week

Got our heifers sold! I know, who wouldn't keep these ladies, but we are in the cattle selling business, and I am sure happy to see them go to a good home.

Time to go to work ladies

Where I spend my time

Cow pony, he needs to be busy, idle hands...

We pushed 180 of the ladies down the alley, Peanut don't take crap outa no bovine

Buyer and trucker

My little crew has something to be proud of. We ran these heifers through, with the vet sonograming in about 2 hours. Then put them on trucks  going to there new home, and ate dinner at noon. Not bad for a bunch of amateurs.


  1. Nice set of corrals and heifers. Cow ponies get so bored standing around. Mine has learned to untie him self. But he will still stay put.

  2. I know coveting is a bad thing but those corrals got me!