Sunday, November 11, 2012

In between

We have been 7 days a week straightening out calves, but I did manage to get one knife finished, mainly working on it in the mornings waiting on daylight.

Stainless damascus with a giraffe bone handle

It dawned on me that when I speak of straightening out calves, there may be some that read this blog that don't know what that is. I will try to explain.
 We buy calves out of various sale barns around the country using cattle buyers. These guys get the cattle bought according to our specifications, weight and quality, then put them on trucks to our pens. For the next month to 6 weeks these cattle are extremely susceptible to any disease, either hauled in or present at the pens. It is our job to find the sick ones and get them "doctored" before they die. Some years are worse than others, and times of the year make a difference. This is a 7 day a week process, rain, shine, cold or hot. Sickness doesn't take sunday off.

Steve holding one down while Joe draws medicine.

Me holding one down.

This is what we want them all to look like, healthy and eating.
These were all taken this morning.

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