Monday, October 29, 2012


More pictures from from last week. These cattle traveled a long ways to spend the winter with us. They have been pulled off their mamas, run through a sale barn, then put on a truck and shipped to a vastly different climate. All within a few days. We do every thing we can, in the way of vaccinations and good feed, to get them past this stressful time and get them back out in the pasture and growing again.

The gray mare and I in the tub. She takes a hooking or a kick once in a while, but at least I not in there on foot. It's very important that I don't walk any further than from the back of the trailer to the door of the pick-up. Joe's wife took this picture with her phone.

Jessica keeping the chute loaded.

Joe in the branding smoke. He smelled real good by the end of the day.


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