Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Knives this week

This weeks work so far. I should have finished these this evening, but it was just to damned hot! 107 inside, in the shade, with a big fan going.
The 2 plain knives are made with 52100 (ball bearing) steel. It is currently my favorite steel besides damascus. I have never tried a steel that I could get this sharp. It also keeps the edge extremely well.
The little knife is made from 2 different billets that were a little small, so I combined them. 1080, 1095, 15n20, and nickel in the mix of steel. the handle is spalted oak.
Lots of cow work this week, moving things around, sold some good cows and some calves to light. It's going to be a long winter, we will have to start feeding way to early. Drought, it ain't over just because it is approaching september and cooler weather. Probably won't end next year.

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